Flame Cutting

Metalspack’s remains proficient to flame cut Mild Steel sheets of any dimension to your specified shape. Our Profilers are capable of cutting anything  from 5mm up to 300mm thick with lengths of 12m long and 3 meters wide.

We have a number of profiling machines within our factory and each is catered to flame the most suited job. The Multi head profilers are used to flame cut profile required for mass production (typically base plates for construction use) whilst Single head profilers are used for larger one of profiles (Lids for tanker)  .

The Science behind Flame cutting is very basic, the  process of using an ignited mixture of oxygen and a gas to cut through a steel plate. The process is known by a few names such as steel profiling, oxy gas flame cutting or gas cutting.

The gas used can vary but includes propane or acetylene. Once the chosen mixture is ignited it is placed over the profile and the flame cutting commences.

All of our profiling machines use a system know as CNC (computer numerically controlled) to control the cutting torch. In simple terms a CNC controlled flame cutting system – due to its computer control – is highly accurate. In the case of our CNC machines we can boast a tolerance of +/- 1mm to 3mm depending on thickness.

IMG-20140729-WA005The CNC flame cutting machine operates from a CAD (computer aided design) file loaded into it. In our case this CAD file typically originates from our skilled in house CAD team.

By having both CNC and CAD systems under one roof we are more than confident that our expertise can match your high expectations both in terms of quality and speed of production.

To support our cutting service we also offer a range of post profiling services which include fabrication, Lumsden grinding and heat treatment.

Metalpacks offer excellent service to all industries, including breakdown engineers. We offer a next day cutting service further more with steel stock readily available in house and our experienced design team are able to design your prototype and have it  cut whilst you wait.

Every flame cut profiles undergoes a thorough quality examination before it is passed to the dressing team, here depending on the size and shape, profile is dressed down and cleared from burrs, its then sprayed with rust proofing agent, palletised and ready for dispatch.